• Blog upgrades!

    The last few days I have been thinking about this blog, and what I could do to make it better. One of the first things I noticed was that my blog had next to no user interaction. Whoever was reading my blog was able to do just that: reading.

  • Raspberry Pi outages

    I did it! I managed to crash my pi!

  • Sample Attack against Verizon's X-UIDH Header

    Around a week or so ago (could be more), Verizon started to inject a special header into unencrypted HTTP connections sent over Verizon connections in order to track their users and gather information to send targeted ads: the X-UIDH header.

  • Raspberry Pi and LAN networks

    Sry that I haven’t posted anything for quite a while, so here’s a quick summary of stuff that happened.

  • Three.JS Stuff

    I made a small ThreeJS demo that displays invisible edges as dashed lines.

  • Moving to Ubuntu

    To anyone wondering why the ppplz bot wasn’t up the last half week: I’m moving to Ubuntu.

  • osu!ppplz bot back up

    I just started playing osu again after quite some time of not playing osu and I thought I could get the bot up again. I also thought that this would be a good place to host the docs :D

  • Chess engine demo

    Here’s the first demo of the chess engine. It should work, but it might wreak havoc and devour your JavaScript engine.

  • Chess engine done

    Phew, that was actually pretty exhausting, but I got the chess engine done! (hopefully)

  • Preparing for chess project

    Hi again! I’m currently preparing for a chess project in node.js.

  • GitHub please!

    So I’m currently trying to get this page up, and somehow I just don’t get how I should do it. The repo says the page is published, but if I visit the page, I get a 404. Hopefully it works if I wait 10 minutes…

  • Hello World!

    var server = require('http').createServer(function (req, res) {
    	res.end('Hello World!');

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